Available Property

The Muskegon County Resource Recovery Center owns 11,000 acres in Moorland and Egelston Townships, of which many acres are currently being marketed for lease.


Muskegon County Wastewater Management System (MCWMS) is preparing a portion of its 11,000 acre property for future data center development. The site, known as MI Tech Hub, is a sustainable and environmentally secure site located in Egelston Township in eastern Muskegon County. It is being marketed to data center operators looking to take advantage of the site’s ample space, redundant high voltage electricity, water and connectivity.

A site validation study completed by PTS Data Center Solutions is available upon request.

Energy Ready Site Program

In 2014, Consumers Energy launched an Energy Ready Program to help Michigan communities attract new business and the jobs they create. Their goal is to work together with communities to help them grow and thrive with new jobs and investment. In the fall of 2016, along with 8 other sites, the Muskegon County Resource Recovery Site was given the designation of “EnergyReady”. Each Energy Ready site profile includes key energy infrastructure information and can lead to customized proposals, cost estimates and rate analyses. MCWMS Energy Ready Profile

For information on available land/economic development opportunities contact: David Johnson, Recovery System Director at 231-724-3440 or email him at [email protected]