We make it that clean. fresh. green.

**Archery Hunting Passes are Sold Out for this Season.**

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  • About MCRRC

    A pilot project for USEPA, the Resource Recovery Center is so massive it has been viewed by orbiting NASA astronauts.We have 11,000 acres for our land treatment process.
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  • Why MCRRC

    With low wastewater charges and low surcharge rates for high-strength wastes, MCRRC has the ability to lower commercial + industrial production costs in an environmentally-friendly way.
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  • Available Land

    Location on the treatment plant site is the advantage for your company.
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So, how do we do it?
  • 1. Waste Collection Wastewater comes from a number of sources: factories, homes, businesses & haulers.
  • 2. Mix Aeration Cell Aerated water supports bacteria which consume harmful pollutants.
  • 3. Aerated Settling Cell In this cell the solids are allowed to settle to the bottom. This improves water clarity & removes many toxic metals.
  • 4. Storage Lagoon The water then goes to storage. We have two 850-acre storage lagoons with 5.1 billion gallons of storage capacity.
  • 5. Farming The water is then used to irrigate 5,100 acres of crop land as the final treatment.
  • 5.5. Soil Soil absorbs pollutants, viruses, & mechanically strain suspended solids. Bacteria within the soil consume organic matter while the roots take up nutrients.
  • 6. Return 200 miles of underdrains to return the clean water to the Muskegon River.

Latest Updates

  • September 07, 2021

    Demand for the Archery hunting passes was incredible! We are sold out as of 1:30PM 9/7/21. Thank you for your understanding if you were unable to participate.

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  • August 16, 2021

    The rules and maps for this year's Archery deer hunt, Archery Youth deer hunt, and Trapping have been posted to this website.  You can find them here: 2021 Rules and...

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  • August 13, 2021

    Permits for this year's archery deer hunt at the RRC will go on sale at 8am on Tuesday, September 7.  This is a first-come first serve sale and are...

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